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Eddie Kimble FFL, Instructor, Training Counselor, and Licensed Dealer

EDK Defensive Consultants is a veteran owned business, and we strive to provide superior service to those who are looking for training around security and firearms. Eddie, the President snd CEO, consults with businesses and places of worship who are looking to train their personnel or staff in the area of security. Eddie is an alumnus with the Springfield Police Department Citizens Academy and the FBI Citizens Academy. As an instructor with USCCA, Eddie has certifications to teach Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, Emergency First Aid Fundamentals, AR-15 Fundamentals, and Women’s and Youth Firearm Safety Training classes.  Eddie has over 15 years of corporate management experience and have led several security teams at work and church. EDK Defensive Consultants endeavor to be a one stop shop to our customers, and for that reason, we have obtained our Federal Firearm License (FFL).




The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)


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